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Welcome to the North Pole website. website was established in 1996.  Our site is a safe place for children to enjoy the festive celebrations of Christmas. Here you can email Santa, see how other children celebrate Christmas around the world, create holiday crafts, learn how to prepare a few special Christmas treats, watch a traditional Christmas movie and sing along to over 30 Christmas Carols.


The website was originally designed and still maintained by Brian Muntz of LeNewit Technology Group.  Brian developed the site offering children around the globe a safe place to experience, learn and enjoy the holiday season.   Safe from intrusive ads or inappropriate content.


Brian originally wanted to start a new tradition in sending Santa an Email being he worked in the business of technology and Internet services. In June of 1996, The-North-Pole.Com website was the first Christmas site to gain international attention offering tech-savvy children the ability to email Santa.


Unexpectedly, the news of this wonderful site was picked up by local, national and international news agency including TV news anchors in the USA, Canada, Europe and England.  That same day, CNN Braking News, also picked up the human interest story of the North Pole web site and it became an instant sensation.  Over 64,000 emails were sent in minutes after the news aired and the small servers couldn't handle the email requests and crashed.  Internet service providers offered help in hosting the website on bigger servers and offered more band-width to connect children.  Luckily the servers were only down for a few short days.


Since the launch, over 3.2 billion page impressions and over 800 million letters has been received by Santa in its 19 year history.  An outstanding number of children sent in there letters hoping to get that special present or request fulfilled by St. Nick.  To date, Brian has declined corporate offerings to turn the site into a premium paid service.  Some small ads run that are appropriate for children and parents that helps pay the hosting costs and band-width for the site. Brian remains vigilant to keep this site a memorable place for all children world wide.


Today The North Pole site sees letters all year long from places all over the world.  Schools have added some of the content found on the site as part of young children curriculum around the world.


With emphasis on making each year a happy place for children to visit, Brian has announced as of October 22, 2015 a new face lift to the website to launch. Some older static content has been replaced with movies, games and karaoke siding with new technology abilities and what children like to participate in.


If you wish to contact Brian or the North Pole Web-masters, please click on contact us bellow.  Thank you visiting and enjoy your visit to the North pole website made for kids and adults!

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